Commercial Real Estate Leasing Terms and What They All Mean

If you’ve done a search for commercial real estate listings in Edmonton lately, you might have been surprised (or angered!) by how the various listing services and websites quote lease rates.  Here are a few examples of how different the terminology can be: Loopnet, which is owned by Costar, tends to report lease rates as[…]

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Celebrating a Local Author’s Book Launch

We’ve explored some interesting topics this year relating to Edmonton’s commercial real estate market.  Our article about 4 Edmonton office towers that lost $163 million in value received a lot of attention, and to date has been our most popular article.  We’ve also researched more abstract topics, such as Blockchain technology and self-driving cars, and[…]

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Oil Prices and Edmonton’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Edmonton’s commercial real estate market is undeniably tied to the price of oil.  We illustrated this in September when we compared the price of oil over the past few years to the stock price of Melcor, which is a publicly-traded real estate developer with heavy exposure to Alberta.  You’ll see Melcor’s stock price was rising[…]


Get Ready for Higher Property Taxes

City of Edmonton Counselors are patting themselves on the back this week after announcing that property tax rates are only projected to rise 3.6% next year.  While it is lower than the 5% they originally suggested in April, it’s still 3 times higher than what CPI has averaged this past year. The City clearly has[…]


Oil is Heading to $70

Yes, it’s a bold headline, and we should disclose ahead of time that we’ve been atrociously wrong on previous predictions (ie/ Trump and Amazon*).  You might be wondering what makes this prediction different.  The answer: not much.  This is purely speculative on our behalf so don’t rely on any of this for investment, financial or[…]


Edmonton Misses Out on Amazon Distribution Centre

A few months ago we made a prediction that Amazon would be looking to open a distribution centre in Western Canada, and outlined why we thought Edmonton would be a great choice (ie/ CN Rail mainline from both the Vancouver and Prince Rupert Ports, CP Rail planning a large intermodal yard with excellent access to[…]


Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate

While most people have a cursory understanding of Bitcoin, few would have predicted the staggering growth over the past few years.  In 2011, you could have bought 1 Bitcoin for approximately $1.00.  Looking at the chart below, that same Bitcoin is now worth $7,425.  Had you bought $135 worth of Bitcoin six years ago, today you[…]

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3 Big Deals in Edmonton Worth Almost $90 Million

With the Conference Board of Canada predicting Edmonton will have the second fastest growing economy in Canada (trailing only Calgary), big deals are indeed alive and well. First, a package of hotels just sold for an impressive $65 million: Mettera: 10454 82 Avenue, 8 stories, 98 rooms, 4,248 square feet of retail space, 26 parking stalls.[…]


Brick-and-Mortar Retailers are Under Siege

We wrote an article a few weeks ago where we highlighted a number of changes expected to occur in the retail industry.  The impetus for that article was a book by Doug Stephens called Re-engineering Retail.  Stephens, a self-described futurist, laid out a compelling argument on how retail is in the midst of radical change.  Ecommerce[…]


What’s Going to Put Edmonton on the Map

Traveling outside of Canada reminds us that Edmonton is not a well-known city internationally; the odd person may know it as a hockey town, while others might think we’re right next to Toronto.  While we do not enjoy the same acclaim as cities such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, we’ll argue this may soon change (and Connor[…]