Several Large Commercial Sales Kick Off 2018

It’s interesting how expensive homes always seem to make the news, but commercial transactions with much higher values happen regularly.  By comparison, there have been two residential properties that have sold over $2M this year ($2M and $2.3M, to be precise), whereas there have been several commercial sales well in excess of that.

For example, the following commercial properties have already sold in 2018:

2803 Millwoods Road – Kameyosek Shopping Centre – 46,128 sq ft retail complex sold for $18,850,000

4440 Gateway Blvd – Raddison Hotel – 235 units – $16,500,000

760 St. Albert Road – St. Albert – 27,552 sq ft retail complex just sold for $9,500,000

11120 178 St – 53,000 sq ft office building sold for $8,135,000

1515-10 Street – Nisku – 33,021 sq ft industrial building sold for $6,875,000

3303 118 Ave – 29,991 sq ft retail complex sold for $5,900,000

10204 123 St – 0.69 acres sold for $4,800,000

11511 76 Ave – 0.61 acres sold for $4,100,000

This isn’t even a comprehensive list, as there were numerous other industrial properties, multi-family properties and land parcels that have sold for over $2M.

Interestingly, the Raddison Hotel previously sold in 2005 for $29,100,000 (which represents a 43% decline).   11120-178 Street (purchased by the College And Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta), was previously sold for $10,600,000 in 2007 (a 23% decline).

* Note: we removed a sale for a $60M land parcel, which did not occur in 2018.



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