Our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2017

While it takes time and effort to put out a blog post each week, the hardest part is pushing forward after a string of articles have low readership.  Of the 52 blog posts we wrote last year, many had an underwhelming amount of unique views (using blogger parlance).  We’re comfortable admitting to this, since statistically there won’t be many of you that actually read this anyways 😉  Although a number of posts under perform, we are fortunate – and very grateful – that roughly 20% of our posts get considerably more traffic.

For the past year, our top 5 most viewed articles, in order, are as follows:

  1. 4 Edmonton Office Towers Just Sold for Surprising Prices.  This has been our most popular article of all time, by a wide margin.  It struck a chord with those involved in the industry in addition to people just interested in Edmonton.  People were fascinated to hear that an owner of commercial real estate lost over $160 million in 6-7 years.
  2. Net Rent, Gross Rent & Net Effective Rent. This one was surprising.  We had been asked a few times about the differences between the three so we wrote an article answering the question.  Since it was a technical and fairly dry topic we didn’t have much expectation on how well it would do.  With the exception of the article above, it has had more views than any other post we’ve written.
  3. An Edmonton Office Tower Just Sold, and You Won’t Believe the Price.  This article’s success was likely a combination of a click-bait headline and an general appetite for market news.  It really was a surprising price though.
  4. Whyte Avenue is About to Go Crazy.  This was another article with good timing.  It followed announcements of major developments in the area and we provided some commentary on how dramatically different Whyte Ave will look in the future.
  5. Stantec Tower is an Edmonton Success Story.  We provided some history on how Edmonton’s tallest building came to be.  It’s a remarkable story that starts with Stantec’s founder, Don Stanley, and how a series of events led to the development.

We’ve optimized our blog page so that you can search by topic or key word.  If you go to www.edmontoncommercial.com/blog/ you’ll see a search bar at the top of the page.  If you wanted to see what we’ve written on property taxes, for example, you can search that key word and it will display all of our articles.

While we write every article with the hope that it provides some value and insight into Edmonton’s commercial real estate market, the 1/5 ratio is still compelling for us to keep writing.  In 2018 we plan to cover similar topics, including noteworthy transactions, factors influencing the market, and our ongoing beef with how the City is aggressively raising property taxes.

Thank you for reading and your continued support.


Chad, Ryan and Darcie



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