Parking Woes on Whyte Avenue

Many people perceive Whyte Avenue to have a parking problem.  This extends to a company finding parking for it’s employees and potential customers who might be deterred and decide to go elsewhere.

With over 600 businesses in Old Strathcona and an estimated 77,000 people1 living within a 3 kilometer radius, it’s easy to see why people might thing there’s a parking issue.  To combat this, the Old Strathcona Business Association put together an interactive map that allows for real-time viewing of all parking options in the area.

The link to the map can be found here and we also put together a static version as follows:

Whyte Parking

Whyte Avenue also has some of the best transit service in the city, giving additional options to employees and customers that prefer to avoid the traffic.  Edmonton Transit System has a very useful website which allows a user to enter their address and destination to derive the optimal plan of getting there.  Visit the ETS Trip Planner here.

Parking in Whyte Ave is undeniably more challenging than areas in the suburbs but that stems from the vibrant, cultural and historic feel that has made the area such a success for many decades.  Ultimately, there are numerous parking options available if you know where to look.



1We’ve attached a full demographics report of Whyte Ave (including a 1, 3 & 5 km radius analysis) here.  It’s a big file so allow some time for it to download.



2 thoughts on “Parking Woes on Whyte Avenue

  • We have lived in Edmonton for over 40 years. We use to shop on Whyte Ave frequently. However, the last few times have been subpar. We went to Whyte Ave shopping. After browsing through several stores we couldn’t find what we were looking for. My mother is elderly and can’t walk the complete 5 -6 blocks so we had to pay for parking 3 separate times. Some stores are unique but also quite expensive. The fact that I paid over $15.00 in parking and had nothing to show for it is disturbing. We will not be going back to Whyte Avenue to shop when there are so many other stores/malls that have parking that is much more convenient. I understand that parking is an issue, but if these businesses what clients they should push the City of Edmonton to remove the parking costs. Or at the very least, if you pay for parking it should be good for ALL of Whyte Avenue, not just one zone. I know several people now that refuse to shop on Whyte Ave because of the parking payment issue.

    • Thank you for your comment Carol. There’s no doubt, Whyte Ave is definitely more compatible for walkers than it is for drivers. Like yourself, I do not shop on Whyte Ave often as it’s not as convenient for me to get to. It’s very popular for residents within walking distance though.

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