Now Hiring!

Now Hiring for our Mentorship Program Job purpose Assist, learn and develop alongside three seasoned brokers.  The candidate will learn firsthand about the sales and leasing process.  This includes the opportunity to make important contacts, tour properties, prospect and negotiate with tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers.  The candidate will have the ability to take deals[…]


Idle Trains, Stalled Pipelines and $70 Oil

There’s an optimism in Edmonton’s industrial market that we haven’t seen since 2014.  Not that it’s anywhere close to the flurry of activity we saw prior to the plunge of oil prices, but it’s markedly better than it’s been the past few years.  If we were to do a rough sketch of the activity we’re seeing,[…]


Mark Zuckerberg, the Trans Mountain Pipeline, and Edmonton Commercial Real Estate

Okay, it might be a stretch connecting Mark Zuckerberg to Edmonton’s commercial real estate market, but stick with us for a minute. During his congressional hearing, Mark Zuckerberg was asked a terse question: “Will you commit to changing all the user default settings to minimize to the greatest extent possible the collection and use of users’ data?”[…]


More Office Inventory Coming to West Edmonton

Rampant office vacancy and astonishing low office sale prices have dominated headlines these past three years.   As an example, the Milner Building on 10030 – 104 Street (177,645 square feet) sold last year for $7,500,000.  It was also purchased six years earlier for $40,170,000 (an 81% price drop). As we wrote about previously, that particular building, along with three others sold at the[…]


Oil Update – Edmonton Commercial

It may not feel like spring quite yet, but the drilling industry is in the midst of the annual “spring break-up”.  Around this time each year, the earth thaws and the ground becomes soft, muddy and generally harder to work in.  It is a period of considerable slow down, as evidenced by recent statistics showing roughly 3/4[…]


Several Large Commercial Sales Kick Off 2018

It’s interesting how expensive homes always seem to make the news, but commercial transactions with much higher values happen regularly.  By comparison, there have been two residential properties that have sold over $2M this year ($2M and $2.3M, to be precise), whereas there have been several commercial sales well in excess of that. For example, the[…]


Where Do I Find Commercial Real Estate Listings in Edmonton?

If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to find commercial real estate listings in Edmonton, you’re not alone.  Drive around any commercial area in Edmonton and you’ll see dozens of For Lease and For Sale signs.  Some may be the wrong size, while others might have the wrong zoning. Even worse, some may have worked but were[…]


Tension is Growing in the Sandbox

One marvel of human progress is how interconnected global trade has become.  The amount of free trade agreements in Canada provides a staggering glimpse into all the different agreements that exist worldwide.   The prevailing wisdom suggests global trade is a giant sandbox, with everyone having a collective goal of making the sandbox bigger and more efficient. […]


For Sale: Stantec Tower?

The Globe and Mail reported last week that Stantec Tower is for sale.  Not only is the still-under-construction tower on the market, but Edmonton Tower, also owned by Katz Group and ONE Properties is also for sale. The sale of both office towers is being spear-headed by the RBC’s Capital Markets real estate group with[…]


There’s a New Big Dog in Town

If you read the headline and saw the cover picture, you may think we’re talking about Rogers Place or Stantec Tower. However, in this case the big dog is Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust and the town is all of Canada.  Admittedly, we might be guilty of click-bait here, but if we haven’t lost you[…]