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We’re proud to blog about Edmonton commercial real estate, but we’re even more proud to be Edmontonians.  Combining our passion for blogging with our love of the City, we’re pleased to present a list of our favorite blogs in Edmonton.  Each of the blogs below have two things in common: they each post interesting content related to Edmonton (without overtly trying to sell something) and they do so on a regular basis.

Our top 10 favorite blogs (in no particular order):

MasterMaq – after visiting Mike’s blog or reading one of his articles you would think he is part of mainstream media.  Everything is remarkably well researched as he reports on pretty much anything relating to Edmonton.  Be prepared to go down a rabbit hole of information as you can spend hours going through all of his data and accompanying links.

Explore Edmonton – This blog gives a great overview of things to do in the Edmonton area.  Great for residents and visitors alike.  Explore Edmonton also has a popular instagram account that curates some of the best photography displaying Edmonton in all it’s glory.

Yeg Blog – similar to Explore Edmonton, this blog offers articles on life style, food and things to do.  They also have a picture of the week feature which highlights all the great things about Edmonton.

Startup Edmonton – a hub for entrepeneurs in Edmonton, the blog often gives advice and updates related to new businesses.  A great resource for anyone looking to start a new company.

Let’s On Nom – Our favorite food blog.  Run by Cindy Nguyen, a local pharmacist by day with a natural penchant for all things food.  Great reviews of Edmonton restaurants.

I heart Edmonton – Emil Tiedemann is working his way through 101 reasons why he loves Edmonton.  Great stories made even better by the great pictures he includes.

X5 Management – run by local author Mike Mack, this blog gives advice on sales and service.  Mike’s general advice is simple: customer service is the one thing that anyone can work on improving, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ITSoloPreneurs – run by Cat Lam, she caters to IT professionals but often offers advice that transcends many different industries.  A passionate Edmontonian who ties in local activities to relevant life lessons.

Oilers Nation – we’re each die hard Oilers fans and this particular blog helps feed our addiction.  To give an idea of how passionate they are about the Oilers, they have already written 3 posts about Draisaitl’s recent signing, including a fourth post written before it was even announced!

Edmonton Real Estate Blog – the defacto guide to residential real estate in Edmonton.  Sheldon and Sarah from Liv Real Estate do an awesome job compiling housing data and displaying it in a fashion that’s easy to absorb and interesting to read.

Hopefully these blogs help you discover something new and amazing about Edmonton.  In their own unique way, each of these bloggers is helping make our City an even better place to live.

Editor’s note – Reader additions:

Raising Edmonton – Edmonton Parent Blog.  Events, activities and experiences in Edmonton.

YEGDateNight – Inspiration for your next date night in Edmonton.


Are we missing any others? Feel free to add your favorites in the comments section below.




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