Top 5 Viewpoints for Edmonton’s Skyline (with Poll)

This week we’re taking a break from the data-driven analysis we base most of our articles on and instead focusing on something much lighter: our top 5 favorite locations to view or photograph Edmonton’s skyline.

We’ve included our own photos below in addition to the respective maps if you’re feeling adventurous.

#1: This picture was shot at dawn right below the recently closed Cloverdale footbridge. It’s quite easy to get down to the riverbank on the south side of the river and the view is worth the effort.



#2: A trail runs through Nellie McClung Park and offers numerous unobstructed views.  Next to the Old Timer’s Cabin off Scona Road.

Edmonton skyline


#3: Gallagher Park. Cloverdale Hill is a favorite of many bicyclists and joggers as they have a sweeping view up a challenging hill.  Also home to Folk Fest, which is from August 4 – 7 this year.



#4: Muttart Conservatory. After a heavy rainfall the pyramids reflect quite nicely off the pooling water.



#5: McNally High School. With trails that run throughout Forest Heights Park, there are many different views of the skyline.  This particular picture took a short 20 foot walk on a dirt trail (no harness required).



Perhaps not surprisingly, the skyline view from the south hasn’t changed dramatically in the past three decades as most of the new development has been on the north side of downtown (Epcor tower, Kelly Ramsay, and the soon to be completed Rogers Arena and Stantec Tower).  Here is picture from the City of Edmonton’s archives showing the skyline in 1988:


What's your favorite view of Edmonton's Skyline?


This is by no means an all-encompassing list of the best viewpoints in Edmonton so we would love to hear from you below:  Do you have a favorite location to view or take pictures of the Edmonton’s skyline?  In the future, will the best skyline photos be taken from a location north of downtown?

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