Top Instagram Accounts in Edmonton

This week Chad had an article published on Forbes about the top 10 commercial real estate accounts to follow on Instagram.  It wasn’t an article about which accounts were the most popular (for example, we found one commercial broker who had over 10,000 followers but her pictures were either of her hair, her nails, or new listings).  Instead of focusing on (fake) popularity, the article highlights 10 accounts that people will be genuinely interested in following.

Since the list included users from all over the world, we decided to write this week’s article about our favourite and recommended Instagram accounts based in Edmonton.  Click here if you need convincing on why you want to be on Instagram, or click here if you need some instructions.

@carmynjoy Carmyn Joy Effa is one of the most followed individuals on Instagram haling from Edmonton. With over 86,000 followers, she has won hearts with her simple but excellent photography skills. Her picture composition skills are top-notch.

@letsomnom Cindy Nguyen is a local and her Instagram feed features food porn that will make you hungry at first sight. The pictures are beautifully composed with the perfect balance of light and contrast. Her account is solely dedicated to food photography and she is dedicated to it.

@typedmonton TypeCity aims to present beautiful typographic creations in Edmonton that can easily go unnoticed. The best part about this feed is that you will keep marvelling at the innovation and wonder how you could have missed it yourself.

@facesofedmonton Since this is relatively new, Shayne Woodsmith’s Faces of Edmonton Instagram account is still to get a large following. However, it offers pictures and stories of Edmontonians in their daily lives. Based on a Humans Of New York format, it is becoming popular!

@karlyfordphoto Karly Ford gives you an insight into the people of Edmonton instead of restricting her photography to Nature. Featuring beautifully intimate maternity and wedding photoshoots, she specialises in lifestyle photography. All her pictures are breathtaking simply because of the love captured in them.

@maegan_lukian Maegan Lukian leads a double life and it will surely fascinate you. She is a certified environmental professional during daytime and then switches over to her blog Hand-Meyd at night. Find out more about her daily life and entrepreneurship skills though her feed.

@costafella If you are interested in real estate or architecture, then Costin’s feed will impress. Featuring images of bridges and buildings in Edmonton from unique perspectives, the feed will make you fall in love with the cityscape.

There are a also number of community hubs that display amazing Edmonton photography featuring contributions with hashtags such as #exploreedmonton, #urbanyeg #dailyviewedmonton, #igyeg and #yeggers. These accounts are filled with pictures of festivals, landscapes, city skylines and other aesthetic composition.










Lastly, our team’s instagram account is @edmontoncommercial, check us out!


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