Weekly Market Update: May 29, 2015

WEEKLY MARKET UPDATE May 29, 2015 There were two diametrically opposed press releases this past week that each speak to the economic climate. Gilead Sciences, a pharmaceutical company listed on the S&P 500, recently announced a further $100 million investment in Edmonton that would solidify the city as the stronghold for its Canadian operations. By[…]

BRZ’s and the the Development Incentive Program: Weekly Market Update

Weekly Market Update May 22, 2015 Owners of commercial real estate in Edmonton may be eligible for financial incentives to improve their assets.  Described as a Development Incentive Program, there are funds available to encourage property owners in Business Revitalization Zones (BRZ) to invest in commercial development to help with revitalizing main street commercial areas. According[…]

Weekly Market Update: May 8, 2015

The New Democratic Party and Commercial Real Estate in Edmonton We have been asked numerous times over the past couple of days how the new government will affect the commercial real estate landscape.  While we lean towards being apolitical in commenting on the New Democratic Party, or any party for that matter, we will undoubtedly[…]

Weekly Market Update: May 1, 2015

Weekly Market Update Week of May 1, 2015 LOCAL Even the most ardent of skeptics must be impressed by the progress made on Rogers Arena. PCL, a global company headquartered in Edmonton, has undoubtedly marked this a high priority in its capacity as construction manager. Below is a picture taken from the sixth floor of[…]