Industrial Vacancy in Nisku / Leduc

With the price of oil flirting with 12 year lows, it will likely come of little surprise that the industrial market in Nisku & Leduc has come under some considerable pressure.  We recently put together a list of properties currently listed in the area.  Of interest, there are currently 34 properties for lease comprising over[…]

How Close is Oil to a 20 Year Low?

Oil prices fell below $30 / barrel this week as concerns over China’s economy and an abundance of supply exacerbated the already depressed commodity.  There are a couple mathematical observations to note about the price of oil, and while not necessarily profound, they highlight just how rough the past month has been.  First, prices have[…]

Beginning of Year Commentary

Slipping oil prices made headlines for the first week of 2016 as West Texas Intermediate fell to the lowest level in 12 years.  Prices are near $32 / barrel (WTI/$USD), which hasn’t been seen since 2003.  Even worse for Alberta specifically, spot prices for Western Canadian Select (Canadian heavy grade) have now fallen below $20[…]