Major Condo Projects in Edmonton

We recently put together a list of major condo projects currently available for sale in Edmonton.  There are 20 different options available, ranging from one unit in an existing building to projects recently completed that offer dozens of individual units.  The following list identifies each building, the smallest space available and the cost per square[…]

Remarkable Service: Guest Post by Mike Mack

We’re pleased to have a guest post this week from Mike Mack, author of Remarkable Service, founder of X5 Management and proud Edmontonian. ———— Everyone Communicates, but Does Everyone Connect? by Mike Mack As I have learned from leadership guru and best- selling author, John C. Maxwell, “…connecting is all about others.” As Maxwell stated[…]

Comparing Edmonton Property Taxes to Surrounding Municipalities

Following up on last week’s article about the shift in Edmonton’s tax rates from 2010 to 2015 (see original article here), we had a few requests to see how property taxes compared across the region. While most municipalities make it fairly simple to find the tax information, a few were rather technologically inept, so we[…]

Facts on Edmonton Property Taxes

The City of Edmonton has 376,560 total properties it formally assesses, comprising 352,567 residential properties and 23,993 non-residential (including multi-family).  Even though residential properties make up nearly 94% of the number of total properties, the taxable assessed value tells a different story.  Of a total of $172.3 billion, residential amounts to $115.6B compared to $56.7B for[…]

REIT’S With Heavy Exposure in Alberta

Bloomberg recently reported that Artis REIT is looking to offload its office portfolio in Calgary.  While Calgary’s office market is dealing with some challenges, it is troubling to note the negative outlook a major landlord has for the future.  Their office portfolio in Calgary currently has 14% vacancy, which is lower than what many believe[…]