2018 Will See New Heights in Edmonton (with poll)

Prior to 2014, Edmonton had an airport protection overlay that capped buildings at roughly 490 feet (it actually had to do with a maximum height above sea level so 490 feet was an approximation).  At the time, Epcor Tower took the restriction to the limit with a final height of roughly 489 feet.  As City[…]

How We Will Help You Lease or Purchase a Commercial Property

We Work For You We are dedicated to working strictly in your best interests. In fact, if we work together in an agency relationship, we owe you a number of fiduciary obligations, including: Loyalty, confidentiality and of full disclosure of all conflicts of interest that may arise Disclose, in a timely manner, all relevant facts[…]

Edmonton’s Aerotropolis

This week we attended the Leduc Nisku Regional Real Estate Economic Forum. While it is no secret that the market has slowed considerably, the region has not changed their optimistic sentiment.  The bulk of the excitement is centered around the development in and around the Edmonton International Airport.  This includes Rossenau’s 200,000 square foot Logistics[…]

Edmonton Commercial Permits Top in Canada

Building permit numbers came out yesterday for February 2016 data (it’s typical to have a month or so lag for the data to be compiled).  The data is disaggregated into residential and non-residential categories, with the latter essentially being a catch all for industrial, office, retail, institutional and multi-family (4 units or greater).  Not to[…]