Most Expensive Properties Sold Half Way Through 2016

As we’re at the half way point for 2016, we thought it would be timely to report on the top 10 commercial real estate sales for the year (measured by transaction amount).  The top 10 properties totalled just shy of $275,000,000 with multi-family commanding the podium.  There were also 3 major automotive deals so far[…]

Edmonton’s Municipal Development Corporation

There was news last week about Edmonton city council unanimously approving the formation of a Community Development Corporation (CDC). The CDC is a not-for-profit enterprise that is essentially being created to help communities in need of new developments.  A great description of the CDC can be found here. There is little, if any, opposition to the[…]

Year Over Year Comparison of Edmonton’s Highest Tax Assessed Properties

Last week we wrote about the top 10 most expensive properties in Edmonton for 2016, which quickly became one of the most popular articles we’ve posted.  To follow up on what has proven to be an interesting topic, we completed a year over year comparison from 2015 to 2016.  We took out the institutional properties[…]

Most Expensive Commercial Properties in Edmonton

Perhaps a more appropriate title would be the Highest Assessed Non-Residential Properties in Edmonton, but it didn’t have the same ring.  We pulled the following properties from the City of Edmonton’s open data catalogue, which allows anyone to see assessment information on every property in the city’s database.  Multiplying the assessed value by the appropriate[…]

Persons with Disabilities and Commercial Real Estate

If you’ve read any of our previous articles, you’ll notice we like to take topics that are seemingly unrelated to commercial real estate and tie them together.  We’ve done that with stocks, commodity prices, and even the US election. This week, we are going to make an association between persons with disabilities and the commercial[…]