Commercial Real Estate Associations / Networking in Edmonton

We all have great intentions embarking upon new initiatives but we often get too busy and our plans fall to the wayside.  Avoiding the proverbial road to hell, this summer can be a great time to start looking at the different commercial real estate associations / networking opportunities in Edmonton.  We’ve put together a list[…]

Top 5 Viewpoints for Edmonton’s Skyline (with Poll)

This week we’re taking a break from the data-driven analysis we base most of our articles on and instead focusing on something much lighter: our top 5 favorite locations to view or photograph Edmonton’s skyline. We’ve included our own photos below in addition to the respective maps if you’re feeling adventurous. #1: This picture was shot[…]

State of Edmonton’s Commercial Real Estate Market

With prolonged pressure on oil prices, Edmonton has become the tale of two economies.  On one end, we see a market battered by tepid demand and surging supply. Primarily as a result of the slowdown in oil- related activities, older properties have finally fallen victim to the functional obsolescence largely ignored during the oil boom.[…]

Oil, the New Democratic Party and Commercial Real Estate

It’s been 15 months now since the New Democratic Party won a majority government in Alberta.  Last June we compared how a few stocks with heavy exposure in Alberta performed one month after the election.  We chose Melcor and Canadian Western Bank (a real estate developer and a bank, respectively, both headquartered in Edmonton) and Canadian Oil Sands,[…]