Rising Oil Prices & Falling Retail Sales

This past June, Alberta saw a 1.5% decline in retail trade value compared to June of 2015. Alberta was a slight drag on the national statistic, where retail sales were up by 4.5% year over year. Despite being the only province that saw a decline, there are some major retailers still optimistic on the long-term[…]

Warehouses Ceiling Heights by the Numbers

Warehouse ceiling heights have continuously risen over the past few decades. Many of the buildings constructed in the 1980’s featured a clear ceiling height of +/- 20′. For clarity, clear ceiling height is generally regarded as the height below any joists, trusses or lighting. In other words, it’s the maximum functional height that a company[…]

Edmonton Building Permits Plunge 57%

Statistics released this past week show a dampening mood for builders and developers in Edmonton.  Construction values of building permits totaled $227 million in June, which is down fully 57% from June of 2015.  Any single month in isolation can be distorted for a variety of reasons, so it’s more appropriate to look at the data over a longer[…]

Approaching Two Years of Depressed Oil Prices

After climbing over $50 / barrel (WTI:$USD) in June, oil prices have quietly slipped 20% in the past month.  It’s the first time prices have dipped below $40 since April but still a long way off from the ~$26 price we saw in February.  The volatility highlights how sensitive oil prices can be to small[…]