Oil Prices at a One-Month High

We last saw $100 / barrel oil (WTI:$USD) in mid-2014 and the commercial real estate market in Edmonton has undeniably felt the effects of the subsequent price plunge.  As an illustration, we have graphed the percentage change in stock price of Melcor Developments1 to an overlay of the percentage change in West Texas Intermediate (in nominal[…]

Anthony Henday Drive Impact on Edmonton’s Commercial Real Estate Market

There are certain advantages to being a prairies city.  This is highlighted with the recent news that Edmonton will soon have a free-flow ring road surrounding the entire city.  Indeed, only a few cities in Canada even have the potential for a ring road as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa each have geographical impediments which[…]

State of Edmonton’s Industrial Market

Oil prices continue to be under pressure and the International Energy Agency recently reported on a glut of excess supply.  As of mid-week, oil prices are trading below $44 / barrel (WTI:$USD).  As we are now approaching the two year mark since oil prices began dropping, the vacancy rate for industrial properties in Edmonton has[…]

The Future Impact of Self-Driving Cars on Commercial Real Estate

Self-driving cars are going to change the real estate landscape as we know it.  Before we dive into the impact it will have, we’ll start with an overview of some recent events surrounding the burgeoning technology. First, big auto manufacturers, technology companies and different levels of government have already invested billions of dollars and significantly[…]

4 Changes Coming to New Buildings in Alberta

We’re two months away from a few big changes coming to the building code. Alberta has adopted a section of the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) that will apply to small buildings and housing across the province. The new regulation was originally set to take effect in May, but the deadline was extended to[…]