Getting your Commercial Space Ready for Winter

There’s a mad rush to switch over to winter tires, with some shops in Edmonton booking over a month out. Perhaps it’s the farmer’s almanac suggesting a lot of snow this winter, or maybe more and more people are simply coming to understand the benefits of being prepared. This same attention to detail also applies[…]

Utility Costs for Warehouse Space in Edmonton

Q: What should I budget for utility costs for a warehouse space? A: This question comes up fairly frequently, but there isn’t a simple answer unfortunately. It ultimately comes down to two main variables: the property and the tenant. First, efficiencies can vary greatly between buildings. As a generalization, a newer property should be more[…]

The Total Value of all Real Estate in Edmonton

The U.S. election is less than a month a way (November 8th to be precise) and it’s an understatement to suggest the outcome will reverberate around the world.  This trickles down to the commercial real estate market in Edmonton, which we wrote about a few months ago, where we predicted Hillary Clinton would win.  This was[…]

Alberta’s Economy Still Has a Fight Ahead

We tend not to take any political positions when it comes to our blog, but we believe one statement should hold true across the political spectrum: The government should stimulate the economy in bad markets. Pretty simple but it has a lot of implications.  For example, instead of spending money on infrastructure in a strong[…]