Why is there no Central Database for Commercial Properties?

We often get asked why there’s no central database for commercial real estate properties. While a majority of residential listings can be found on the MLS (www.realtor.ca), there is a significantly smaller percentage of commercial listings available on any one single platform. By choice, many of the commercial real estate brokerages in Alberta are not[…]

The Energy Association You’ve Never Heard Of

Unless you have a penchant for the energy industry, you’re likely unfamiliar with the Panhandle Producers and Royalty Owners Association (PPROA).  If Clinton had won the election, it’s unlikely a small commercial real estate blog in Edmonton would be writing about them either.  However, with Trump’s win last week, we think this Texas based association[…]

Our Prediction Was Way Off

We made a prediction in May that Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the U.S.  We were so confident she would win that we started preparing this week’s article on how her energy policies (particularly her stance on fracking) would coincide with the magnitude 5.0 earthquake in Oklahoma.  We started addressing how this[…]

Oil Falls to a 1 Month Low but Hope Abounds

Oil prices recently rose above $50 / barrel after OPEC announced intentions to cut production.  Those gains appeared to be short-lived, however, as prices have since dropped more than 10%, primarily as a result of a record weekly build in U.S. crude inventory.  As has often been the case during the oil price slump, we[…]