PwC and Urban Land Institute’s Annual Real Estate Report

One of the most widely anticipated research reports is Emerging Trends in Real Estate, co-published by PwC and the Urban Land Institute.  For its 38th edition, the two organizations interviewed more than 500 professionals, ranging from private owners to large real estate investment trusts (REITs). We’ve included a link to the full report at the[…]

Top 10 Most Expensive Commercial Transactions in 2016

While Alberta is in the midst of the worst recession in decades, Edmonton saw no shortage of massive deals in 2016.  Contrasted to top 10 deal list in 2015, all 10 of the top transactions in 2016 were higher than the top sale at that time.  Interestingly, the buyers of these properties ranged from local[…]

Edmonton has 2 of the Top Malls in Canada

The Retail Council of Canada recently released a report focusing on shopping malls in Canada.  They used the metric of sales per square foot (total sales divided by the total square footage of the building) to show which malls across the country were the most productive.  Interestingly, Southgate was the top in Edmonton, and finished in the top 5 across Canada with sales per[…]

Edmonton Commercial and Industrial Property Tax Assessments Drop 4.9%

Notices were sent out this week with commercial and industrial property owners seeing an average decrease of 4.9% from last year.  While the decline may appear to be of benefit to property owners, it’s important to differentiate between assessment and taxation.  Each year, the City of Edmonton will budget how much it needs to pay[…]