Great News for the Edmonton Region

City Council has voted unanimously to support Edmonton Metro Region, a proposed initiative that would help grow and attract new investments to the area.  The City of Edmonton has already committed up to $400,000 to the project and joins St. Albert, Leduc County, Parkland County and Strathcona County. While it has yet to be officially formed,[…]

Going Beyond Cap Rates for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investors love to talk about cap rates, and for good reason: the underlying data is fairly accessible and the math is relatively simple. In the most basic of terms, an investor calculates the net operating income (NOI, or net income) based on removing all applicable operating expenses from the gross income.  Dividing the[…]

Will the City of Edmonton Annex the Airport?

While we have been critical of the City of Edmonton‘s handling of commercial & industrial property taxes, we applaud their handling of the proposed annexation area south of the city.  We attended the open house hosted by the City of Edmonton last week and it’s clear a considerable amount of time has gone into the process.[…]

No Tax Relief for Edmonton’s Commercial & Industrial Property Owners

Commercial and industrial property owners continue to be whipping boy for the City of Edmonton’s out-of-control spending. City council ratified the tax rates for 2017 last Tuesday but there has barely been any reporting of that news.   The City’s website is still showing the tax rates for 2016 (as of May 2) and their[…]