The Edmonton International Airport is Not Being Annexed

We’ve written about the Edmonton annexation process recently, and today marks the resolution of the outstanding airport issue. First, a bit of history.  The City of Edmonton has been trying to annex the airport going back to 2013.  At that time, they were trying to annex nearly 40,000 acres, including a portion of Nisku that[…]

Technology has come a long way

This past week we had an article titled How Advances In Technology Made The Broker’s Fax Machine Obsolete published in Forbes.  The premise of the article was how far technology for commercial real estate brokers has come in the past decade.  It took taking pen to paper finger to ipad to highlight how the tools[…]

An Edmonton Office Tower Just Sold, and You Won’t Believe the Price

Sorry for the buzzfeed-style headline, but you really will be surprised by the sale price. Before we get to that, we admit we’re unapologetically proud Edmontonians, and perhaps we’re sometimes guilty of being too optimistic.  Notwithstanding all the positives, we are not naive to the challenges facing the commercial real estate market in Edmonton. This week oil[…]

What Edmonton Looks Like From a Helicopter

If you’ve read any of our +150 posts, you’ll know we typically write objective articles about economic factors impacting the commercial real estate market in Edmonton.  For example, two weeks ago we wrote about the Edmonton Metro Region and the week before that we reported on the annexation process in south Edmonton. This week we’re[…]

4 Reasons to be Encouraged about Edmonton’s Economy

We wrote last week about how the Edmonton Metro Region will be great for the long term economic prospects of our city.  To add to the good news, there are three headlines that give even more reasons to be optimistic for the future. We have written numerous articles on the correlation of Edmonton’s commercial real[…]