To Buy or To Lease, That is the Question

Buying or leasing is a topic where people generally have very strong opinions.  Earlier this week we had a client say something to the effect of “I refuse to lease and watch all that money disappear“. Fair comment. After all, people often boast about how wise they were to purchase real estate (and presumably how[…]

Industrial Building Sales YTD in Leduc / Nisku

As we’re just past the half-way point for 2017, we thought a market update was in order.  Instead of focusing on vacancy or absorption rates, we decided to highlight the free-standing industrial properties that have sold year-to-date in Leduc / Nisku.  While headlines might suggest that market is under duress, the sales data indicates there’s still[…]

We Can’t Please Everyone

Last week we published a blog post on how Electric Vehicles (EV’s) have the potential to significantly impact the demand for oil (and consequently oil prices).  We had one particularly scathing comment that we wanted to address. The link to the original article is here, followed by the comment below: “You guys are so gullible…this[…]

How will Electric Vehicles Impact Commercial Real Estate in Alberta?

A Stanford University economist, Tony Seba, recently made two extraordinary predictions for the next 8 years: All vehicles sold world-wide will be electric; All vehicles will be self-driving. He also believes that the long term price of oil will drop to $25 / barrel as a result of this seismic change. To be clear, Seba[…]