A Book that Anyone Involved in Commercial Real Estate Should Read

If you’re involved in commercial real estate in any capacity, we’re recommending Re-Engineering Retail by Doug Stephens.  Even more broadly, if you’re curious about what the future of retail might look like, you’ll find some very interesting predictions in this book.  While the focus is on the future of the retail landscape, there are underlying[…]

Oil Prices Rise Above $50 / Barrel

We’ve written extensively about how oil prices have had a direct impact on Edmonton’s commercial real estate market, but along with mainstream media, we have been pretty quiet about oil prices over the past few months.  This week, however, we saw oil prices climb over $50 / barrel to their highest price since May.  If[…]

Something We’re Very Proud Of

If you’ve read any of our previous blog posts, you’ll know we typically write about interesting topics that relate to the commercial real estate market in Edmonton.  We intentionally avoid posting promotional information or even new listings as we don’t think it will be interesting to the average reader.  Instead, we pride ourselves on providing[…]

Bank of Canada Raises Overnight Rate: Panic Ensues

Okay, maybe panic is the wrong word but after the Bank of Canada raised the overnight rate by 25 basis points, floods of headlines suggested this could spell trouble. “Central Bank Interest Hikes Begin to Squeeze Indebted Consumers“, read one headline from Post Media. Not just a “hike”, which connotes a dramatic increase, but the[…]