Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate

While most people have a cursory understanding of Bitcoin, few would have predicted the staggering growth over the past few years.  In 2011, you could have bought 1 Bitcoin for approximately $1.00.  Looking at the chart below, that same Bitcoin is now worth $7,425.  Had you bought $135 worth of Bitcoin six years ago, today you[…]

3 Big Deals in Edmonton Worth Almost $90 Million

With the Conference Board of Canada predicting Edmonton will have the second fastest growing economy in Canada (trailing only Calgary), big deals are indeed alive and well. First, a package of hotels just sold for an impressive $65 million: Mettera: 10454 82 Avenue, 8 stories, 98 rooms, 4,248 square feet of retail space, 26 parking stalls.[…]

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers are Under Siege

We wrote an article a few weeks ago where we highlighted a number of changes expected to occur in the retail industry.  The impetus for that article was a book by Doug Stephens called Re-engineering Retail.  Stephens, a self-described futurist, laid out a compelling argument on how retail is in the midst of radical change.  Ecommerce[…]

What’s Going to Put Edmonton on the Map

Traveling outside of Canada reminds us that Edmonton is not a well-known city internationally; the odd person may know it as a hockey town, while others might think we’re right next to Toronto.  While we do not enjoy the same acclaim as cities such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, we’ll argue this may soon change (and Connor[…]