Edmonton Shopping Malls Have Slight Decrease in Sales

Considering the unprecedented rise of e-commerce options, coupled with the worse provincial recession in decades, one might think that retail sales have plummeted.   However, there’s recent data from the Retail Council of Canada that suggests shopping malls have weathered the storm quite well. Southgate Centre, West Edmonton Mall, Kingsway Mall, Edmonton City Centre and Londonderry[…]

Our Prediction is Close to Reality

A few months ago, when oil was hovering in the low $50’s, we made a prediction that oil would rise to $70 sometime in 2018.  Some people scoffed.  Others laughed.  Our own friends started sending our calls straight to voicemail.  We even lost 15 followers on Instagram.  Okay, maybe we have a flair for the[…]

108 Reasons to be Frustrated with the City of Edmonton

What follows is a sad, but true, story regarding the City of Edmonton. As part of our due diligence for one of our listings, we called the City this week looking for information, specifically if they have any records of permits on the property. The City clerk asks for the municipal address to the property[…]

The 10 Best Books We’ve Read Recently

Before we get back to our regular blog content on Edmonton’s commercial real estate market, we wanted to give you some reading ideas* for 2018. In no particular order, here are our favorite books we’ve read recently. How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Scott Adams, the cartoonist famous for Dilbert, is[…]

Our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2017

While it takes time and effort to put out a blog post each week, the hardest part is pushing forward after a string of articles have low readership.  Of the 52 blog posts we wrote last year, many had an underwhelming amount of unique views (using blogger parlance).  We’re comfortable admitting to this, since statistically[…]