Remarkable Service: Guest Post by Mike Mack

We’re pleased to have a guest post this week from Mike Mack, author of Remarkable Service, founder of X5 Management and proud Edmontonian.


Everyone Communicates, but Does Everyone Connect?
by Mike Mack

As I have learned from leadership guru and best- selling author, John C. Maxwell, “…connecting is all about others.”

As Maxwell stated in his book: Everyone Communicates—Few Connect, “When you are trying to connect with people, it’s not about you —it’s about them. If you want to connect with others, you have to get over yourself.”

How can you apply this in business? Whether it is trying to sell something to a prospective customer, servicing an existing customer, or speaking to your team or an audience, there is a need for connection. Ask great questions, make your message about them, and listen more and talk less!

This topic gains lots of focus in our business at X5 Management. Whether we are working with a sales team, business leaders, or a corporate audience, the opportunity to improve communication is ongoing, and that is why we support sales and service teams to “turn soft skills into hard assets.”

Everyone has a unique style of communication, and there are many communication profiles/assessments that are available in the marketplace (e.g., HRDQ: What’s My Communication Style).

If you can leverage your communication style strengths and be mindful of potential communication trouble spots, you have a better chance of connecting with others.

“Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them,” says Maxwell.

Three Questions People Are Asking About You, according to John C. Maxwell:

1. Do you care for me?
2. Can you help me?
3. Can I trust you?

As an exercise, spend a few minutes answering the following questions:

How do you communicate that you care for your customers?

How do you communicate when you are helping a customer?

What are the various ways that you communicate/instill trust with your customers?

Mike’s book, “Remarkable Service” can be purchased here.

Mike Mack is a business Coach/Consultant and Facilitator and helps companies improve their sales and customer service.  With excellent facilitation skills and a knack for quickly assessing a situation and identifying effective ways to improve it, Mike is truly in his stride when he can “turn soft skills into hard assets.” Companies who have worked with Mike experience a positive transformation in their sales, customer service and strategic direction.  He holds an MBA from Athabasca University along with a Fellow of The Institute of Canadian Bankers designation. Mike is a proud member of Synergy Network, Toastmasters International and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

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Chad Griffiths

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Ryan Brown

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Darcie Bouteiller


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One thought on “Remarkable Service: Guest Post by Mike Mack

  • It’s so important to have a real relationship established in any business deal. And I agree that communication is key –we are often unintentionally communicating all sort of emotions and impressions upon others. It’s important to think about these messages, because nobody wants to work with someone they don’t trust.

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