2 Kids (Corporate Giants) Battle for the Sandbox (Edmonton Market Share)

Much has been made about Amazon’s recent announcement to build a 1M square foot fulfillment centre in Nisku. The story was covered extensively in the news, and Premier Rachel Notley publicly gushed that the facility will lead to hundreds of jobs (despite Alberta losing 15,500 jobs over Christmas). While it’s undeniably good news for the[…]

Will Whole Foods Change Their Minds About Edmonton (Again)?

Retailers, be afraid. If conquering the e-commerce industry wasn’t enough, Amazon is now coming after market share from physical brick-and-mortar retailers.  While retailers are scrambling to compete in e-commerce, Amazon is bringing the fight to them. Amazon started as an online book retailer in 1994 and is now an e-commerce conglomerate employing over 300,000 employees.[…]