More Office Inventory Coming to West Edmonton

Rampant office vacancy and astonishing low office sale prices have dominated headlines these past three years.   As an example, the Milner Building on 10030 – 104 Street (177,645 square feet) sold last year for $7,500,000.  It was also purchased six years earlier for $40,170,000 (an 81% price drop). As we wrote about previously, that particular building, along with three others sold at the[…]

Our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2017

While it takes time and effort to put out a blog post each week, the hardest part is pushing forward after a string of articles have low readership.  Of the 52 blog posts we wrote last year, many had an underwhelming amount of unique views (using blogger parlance).  We’re comfortable admitting to this, since statistically[…]

Top 10 Blogs in Edmonton

We’re proud to blog about Edmonton commercial real estate, but we’re even more proud to be Edmontonians.  Combining our passion for blogging with our love of the City, we’re pleased to present a list of our favorite blogs in Edmonton.  Each of the blogs below have two things in common: they each post interesting content[…]

Year Over Year Comparison of Edmonton’s Highest Tax Assessed Properties

Last week we wrote about the top 10 most expensive properties in Edmonton for 2016, which quickly became one of the most popular articles we’ve posted.  To follow up on what has proven to be an interesting topic, we completed a year over year comparison from 2015 to 2016.  We took out the institutional properties[…]

How We Will Help You Lease or Purchase a Commercial Property

We Work For You We are dedicated to working strictly in your best interests. In fact, if we work together in an agency relationship, we owe you a number of fiduciary obligations, including: Loyalty, confidentiality and of full disclosure of all conflicts of interest that may arise Disclose, in a timely manner, all relevant facts[…]