Where Do I Find Commercial Real Estate Listings in Edmonton?

If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to find commercial real estate listings in Edmonton, you’re not alone.  Drive around any commercial area in Edmonton and you’ll see dozens of For Lease and For Sale signs.  Some may be the wrong size, while others might have the wrong zoning. Even worse, some may have worked but were[…]

Commercial Real Estate Leasing Terms and What They All Mean

If you’ve done a search for commercial real estate listings in Edmonton lately, you might have been surprised (or angered!) by how the various listing services and websites quote lease rates.  Here are a few examples of how different the terminology can be: Loopnet, which is owned by Costar, tends to report lease rates as[…]

To Buy or To Lease, That is the Question

Buying or leasing is a topic where people generally have very strong opinions.  Earlier this week we had a client say something to the effect of “I refuse to lease and watch all that money disappear“. Fair comment. After all, people often boast about how wise they were to purchase real estate (and presumably how[…]

Technology has come a long way

This past week we had an article titled How Advances In Technology Made The Broker’s Fax Machine Obsolete published in Forbes.  The premise of the article was how far technology for commercial real estate brokers has come in the past decade.  It took taking pen to paper finger to ipad to highlight how the tools[…]