3 Guesses on What’s Hurting Business in Edmonton

It’s not breaking news to hear Edmonton’s commercial real estate market has seasonal fluctuations.  The market tends to be slower in January and February (due primarily to the weather) and also slower in July and August (when many people take holidays).   March to June and September to December tend to be the active times[…]

What a Silicon Valley Billionaire has in Common With an Alberta MLA

Two seemingly unrelated events, one involving a billionaire hedge fund manager in Silicon Valley, and the other involving a former-teacher-cum-politician, share an ominous characteristic. A couple days ago, during the NBA finals, a hedge fund manager (and investor in the Golden State Warriors) named Mark Stevens, pushed Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry and repeatedly told him[…]

Significant Events that Shaped Edmonton’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Last week we wrote an article on how much Edmonton’s retail market has changed (yet stayed the same) over the past century. To expand on the topic, we researched and chronicled a number of significant milestones in Edmonton’s history.  It’s not an understatement to say that the following events helped form the very fabric of[…]

What’s Changed in the Commercial Real Estate Market in the Past 100 Years?

It wasn’t too long ago that one of the world’s largest retailers announced free shipping on any order over $25, only to one-up themselves a few years later when they lowered the threshold to $10. It was a revolutionary development, as shoppers could sift through a large assortment of goods, order whatever they liked, then[…]

How Will a UCP Government Affect the Commercial Real Estate Market?

Let’s do a quick flashback in time: May 5th, 2015: Alberta’s New Democratic Party won a majority government. May 6th, 2015: A blizzard punched Edmonton in the face. For those who thought the past four years was the winter of discontent, there was some vindication this past week as the UCP government won in advance[…]

A Floor Plan Is Worth a 1,000 Words

To show how powerful floor plans can be, take a look at this one and see if you can guess what famous office it illustrates (if you can read the names, that’s a big hint): If, like us, this simple floor plan got you reminiscing about one of the greatest shows in the history of[…]