Potholes in Edmonton’s Data Highway

We came across this week’s topic by accident. We initially set out to make a top 10 list of the highest assessed properties in Edmonton, when we noticed the following high profile properties not on the list: – Stantec Tower (10220-103 Avenue) – Rogers Place (10220-104 Avenue) – JW Marriott (10344-102 Street) We weren’t able[…]

Get Ready for Higher Property Taxes

City of Edmonton Counselors are patting themselves on the back this week after announcing that property tax rates are only projected to rise 3.6% next year.  While it is lower than the 5% they originally suggested in April, it’s still 3 times higher than what CPI has averaged this past year. The City clearly has[…]

City of Edmonton Commercial Taxes Hit a Pothole

The City of Edmonton will be releasing the mill rates in the next week or so and we’re expecting a non-residential rate over 20.00 (expressed in mills).  We’re basing this prediction on the fact that property assessments have declined from last year yet the City is on a spending bender.  Declining values and increased spending[…]