Oil Prices Have Increased 300% in the Past Two Months

Canadian oil prices had a rough 2018. Not only did the spread between West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Western Canadian Select (WCS) hit a record of over $50 USD / barrel, prices of WCS bottomed out near $10 / USD in November. Reflecting back on last year, our mood on the market seemed to move[…]

Why the Feds Buying Trans Mountain Helps Edmonton’s Commercial Real Estate Market

This week, the Canadian government agreed to purchase Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline to ensure the expansion goes ahead.  While there is a lot of criticism from environmental and indigenous groups and conservative politicians and pundits, we believe this is a big win for our economy. As we have written about previously, Edmonton’s commercial real estate[…]

Oil Prices and Edmonton’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Edmonton’s commercial real estate market is undeniably tied to the price of oil.  We illustrated this in September when we compared the price of oil over the past few years to the stock price of Melcor, which is a publicly-traded real estate developer with heavy exposure to Alberta.  You’ll see Melcor’s stock price was rising[…]

Oil Prices Rise Above $50 / Barrel

We’ve written extensively about how oil prices have had a direct impact on Edmonton’s commercial real estate market, but along with mainstream media, we have been pretty quiet about oil prices over the past few months.  This week, however, we saw oil prices climb over $50 / barrel to their highest price since May.  If[…]

Oil Prices up 40% from Last Month

We have written a number of short articles about the price of oil over the past year, none of which have been encouraging.  Well, there’s finally a glimmer of hope to write about. Low oil prices have finally forced both OPEC and non-OPEC producers to cut production and Saudi Arabia and Russia have a loose[…]