Spendmonton Chapter III: Buy High, Sell Low

We can’t make this stuff up. In 2014, the City of Edmonton approved a plan to build a new transit garage on the corner of Yellowhead Trail and Fort Road.  According to the City, the new garage would handle the similar capacity as the existing transit garage located at 11840-106a Street. When presenting the business case[…]

Edmonton’s Economy is Facing Headwinds

Imagine a company that budgeted for the upcoming year as follows: CEO:   Well, we spent that much last year, so let’s just keep it the same this year. CFO:   But our revenue is down.  We should look at adjusting our spending to reflect that. CEO:   Just raise prices.  Our customers will understand. Sounds preposterous, right?[…]

Spendmonton: Chapter II

We touched a nerve last week. By suggesting the city of Edmonton has champagne tastes (which are being paid for by tax payers), we pointed to three areas to show city council’s propensity for spending: 1.   Leasing the most expensive office building in Edmonton; 2.   Building a $321M recreation centre; 3.   Building a $210M bus[…]

3 Guesses on What’s Hurting Business in Edmonton

It’s not breaking news to hear Edmonton’s commercial real estate market has seasonal fluctuations.  The market tends to be slower in January and February (due primarily to the weather) and also slower in July and August (when many people take holidays).   March to June and September to December tend to be the active times[…]

What a Silicon Valley Billionaire has in Common With an Alberta MLA

Two seemingly unrelated events, one involving a billionaire hedge fund manager in Silicon Valley, and the other involving a former-teacher-cum-politician, share an ominous characteristic. A couple days ago, during the NBA finals, a hedge fund manager (and investor in the Golden State Warriors) named Mark Stevens, pushed Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry and repeatedly told him[…]

Significant Events that Shaped Edmonton’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Last week we wrote an article on how much Edmonton’s retail market has changed (yet stayed the same) over the past century. To expand on the topic, we researched and chronicled a number of significant milestones in Edmonton’s history.  It’s not an understatement to say that the following events helped form the very fabric of[…]