A Tale of Two Countries: Canada vs US Commercial Real Estate

Yes, our Dickens inspired headline is truly cringe-worthy1. But it really does set up this week’s article quite nicely. That’s because in the US, pundits are tossing around terms such as “Retail Apocalypse” and “Dead Malls” in reference to the impact that e-commerce has had on bricks-and-mortar retailers. CNN and Business Insider have articles devoted[…]

Edmonton Shopping Malls Have Slight Decrease in Sales

Considering the unprecedented rise of e-commerce options, coupled with the worse provincial recession in decades, one might think that retail sales have plummeted.   However, there’s recent data from the Retail Council of Canada that suggests shopping malls have weathered the storm quite well. Southgate Centre, West Edmonton Mall, Kingsway Mall, Edmonton City Centre and Londonderry[…]

Oil is Heading to $70

Yes, it’s a bold headline, and we should disclose ahead of time that we’ve been atrociously wrong on previous predictions (ie/ Trump and Amazon*).  You might be wondering what makes this prediction different.  The answer: not much.  This is purely speculative on our behalf so don’t rely on any of this for investment, financial or[…]

3 Big Deals in Edmonton Worth Almost $90 Million

With the Conference Board of Canada predicting Edmonton will have the second fastest growing economy in Canada (trailing only Calgary), big deals are indeed alive and well. First, a package of hotels just sold for an impressive $65 million: Mettera: 10454 82 Avenue, 8 stories, 98 rooms, 4,248 square feet of retail space, 26 parking stalls.[…]

A Book that Anyone Involved in Commercial Real Estate Should Read

If you’re involved in commercial real estate in any capacity, we’re recommending Re-Engineering Retail by Doug Stephens.  Even more broadly, if you’re curious about what the future of retail might look like, you’ll find some very interesting predictions in this book.  While the focus is on the future of the retail landscape, there are underlying[…]

Will Whole Foods Change Their Minds About Edmonton (Again)?

Retailers, be afraid. If conquering the e-commerce industry wasn’t enough, Amazon is now coming after market share from physical brick-and-mortar retailers.  While retailers are scrambling to compete in e-commerce, Amazon is bringing the fight to them. Amazon started as an online book retailer in 1994 and is now an e-commerce conglomerate employing over 300,000 employees.[…]

Retail Is On The Cusp of a Revolution

Imagine walking into a grocery store, putting everything you want in a cart, and leaving without having to stop at the cashier.  While this may have seemed far-fetched a few years ago, Amazon recently announced plans to bring this to reality.  In fact, their first location in Seattle is already in beta testing with Amazon[…]

Showroom / Warehouse Space For Lease

2,000 to 5,700 square feet Retail / Office / Warehouse space for lease with direct exposure to Stony Plain Road. Space features approximately 1,500 square feet of retail / showroom space, 1,700 square feet of second floor office space and 2,500 square feet of manufacturing / warehouse space. Property has a double man door at[…]