A Single Number is Driving Edmonton’s Industrial Real Estate Market

We’ve written extensively about how Edmonton’s commercial real estate market is directly linked to the price of oil.  This week, we’re going to be even more specific and show how Edmonton’s industrial real estate market is hinged to the price of Canadian oil prices (Western Canadian Select). First a bit of background: oil prices, when[…]

We Got 99 Problems But This Street Ain’t One

99th Street’s Impact on Edmonton’s Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Markets In 1870, private land ownership was introduced in Alberta, but until the Calgary and Edmonton Railway (C&ER) Company decided to establish a commercial centre on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River, Old Strathcona was largely undeveloped. Until 1882, only a sparse settlement[…]

How Marijuana Legalization Will Impact Edmonton’s Industrial Real Estate Market

As a sign of the times, we had 6 calls last week from different marijuana grow operators looking for industrial space in Greater Edmonton. Ranging from small operators to large enterprises, these groups are looking to capitalize on marijuana being legalized this upcoming summer.  There are already some big players in the market too.  Aurora Cannabis[…]

Oil is Heading to $70

Yes, it’s a bold headline, and we should disclose ahead of time that we’ve been atrociously wrong on previous predictions (ie/ Trump and Amazon*).  You might be wondering what makes this prediction different.  The answer: not much.  This is purely speculative on our behalf so don’t rely on any of this for investment, financial or[…]

Industrial Market Update for Edmonton

If you’ve read any of our previous blog articles, you’ll know we like to post unique content that isn’t readily available in other places.  For example, we have written recently about electric cars and how they pose a long term threat to Alberta’s economy.  We have also written extensively about how Edmonton’s commercial real estate[…]

Another REIT makes a Large Sale

The prolonged downward pressure on oil prices has unsurprisingly percolated throughout the commercial real estate market.  We reported last week on 4 downtown Edmonton office towers that were sold for dramatically lower prices than what they were purchased for. It’s important to note that we do not believe those sales to be representative of the entire[…]

Why is there no Central Database for Commercial Properties?

We often get asked why there’s no central database for commercial real estate properties. While a majority of residential listings can be found on the MLS (www.realtor.ca), there is a significantly smaller percentage of commercial listings available on any one single platform. By choice, many of the commercial real estate brokerages in Alberta are not[…]

Warehouses Ceiling Heights by the Numbers

Warehouse ceiling heights have continuously risen over the past few decades. Many of the buildings constructed in the 1980’s featured a clear ceiling height of +/- 20′. For clarity, clear ceiling height is generally regarded as the height below any joists, trusses or lighting. In other words, it’s the maximum functional height that a company[…]

Cracks Starting to Show in Industrial Market

While everyone is familiar with the economic conditions caused by low oil prices, people might be surprised to hear how commercial real estate prices have actually remained fairly steady through the first 3 quarters of 2015.  There has undoubtedly been downward pressure on both lease rates and sale prices but landlords and sellers have been[…]

Job Growth Continues in Edmonton?

WEEKLY MARKET UPDATE October 30, 2015 According to the City of Edmonton, the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) saw an increase in jobs last month.  The headline for the report reads “Job Growth Continues in Edmonton”.  Unfortunately, the net increase resulted from part-time job growth exceeding full-time job reductions.  Manufacturing, energy and logistics jobs took[…]