Are Large Oil Companies in Alberta Pushing for Low Oil Prices?

Canadians are a polite bunch.   Albertans, in particular, are so polite that we have tolerated the following: 1.  A major project (Transmountain pipeline), which was identified as being in the national interests of the country, was blocked by a neighbouring provincial government propped up by a coalition; 2.  Foreign-funded groups have been allowed to systematically[…]

Oil Prices have Increased 70% in the Past Year

Hillary Clinton is not President of the US, and Amazon did not choose Edmonton for it’s first western Canadian fulfillment centre.  While we struck out on those two guesses, we also predicted back in November that oil would hit $70 / barrel sometime this year (which it did this week, marking a 70% increase since 2017).   While we were wrong[…]

Alberta’s Economy Still Has a Fight Ahead

We tend not to take any political positions when it comes to our blog, but we believe one statement should hold true across the political spectrum: The government should stimulate the economy in bad markets. Pretty simple but it has a lot of implications.  For example, instead of spending money on infrastructure in a strong[…]

How Close is Oil to a 20 Year Low?

Oil prices fell below $30 / barrel this week as concerns over China’s economy and an abundance of supply exacerbated the already depressed commodity.  There are a couple mathematical observations to note about the price of oil, and while not necessarily profound, they highlight just how rough the past month has been.  First, prices have[…]

Oil Falls to a 7 Year Low

Oil prices fell below $36 / barrel (WTI/USD$) early Friday morning, which represents a 7 year low for the commodity.  While there are undoubtedly a variety of factors influencing prices, most of the selloff comes on the heels of OPEC deciding not to cut production.  While a number of the countries inside OPEC are getting[…]

What’s the Future of Oil Prices?

WEEKLY MARKET UPDATE October 16, 2015 In this week’s update, we want to focus exclusively on oil prices. It’s humorous watching how large investment banks and energy insiders attempt to prognosticate future prices.  In 2008 Goldmans Sachs predicted that oil prices might reach $200 per barrel.  Recently, they came out and said we may see[…]