Bank of Canada Raises Overnight Rate: Panic Ensues

Okay, maybe panic is the wrong word but after the Bank of Canada raised the overnight rate by 25 basis points, floods of headlines suggested this could spell trouble. “Central Bank Interest Hikes Begin to Squeeze Indebted Consumers“, read one headline from Post Media. Not just a “hike”, which connotes a dramatic increase, but the[…]

Top 10 Blogs in Edmonton

We’re proud to blog about Edmonton commercial real estate, but we’re even more proud to be Edmontonians.  Combining our passion for blogging with our love of the City, we’re pleased to present a list of our favorite blogs in Edmonton.  Each of the blogs below have two things in common: they each post interesting content[…]

Oil, the New Democratic Party and Commercial Real Estate

It’s been 15 months now since the New Democratic Party won a majority government in Alberta.  Last June we compared how a few stocks with heavy exposure in Alberta performed one month after the election.  We chose Melcor and Canadian Western Bank (a real estate developer and a bank, respectively, both headquartered in Edmonton) and Canadian Oil Sands,[…]