Are Large Oil Companies in Alberta Pushing for Low Oil Prices?

Canadians are a polite bunch.   Albertans, in particular, are so polite that we have tolerated the following: 1.  A major project (Transmountain pipeline), which was identified as being in the national interests of the country, was blocked by a neighbouring provincial government propped up by a coalition; 2.  Foreign-funded groups have been allowed to systematically[…]

Oil Prices have Increased 70% in the Past Year

Hillary Clinton is not President of the US, and Amazon did not choose Edmonton for it’s first western Canadian fulfillment centre.  While we struck out on those two guesses, we also predicted back in November that oil would hit $70 / barrel sometime this year (which it did this week, marking a 70% increase since 2017).   While we were wrong[…]

The Energy Association You’ve Never Heard Of

Unless you have a penchant for the energy industry, you’re likely unfamiliar with the Panhandle Producers and Royalty Owners Association (PPROA).  If Clinton had won the election, it’s unlikely a small commercial real estate blog in Edmonton would be writing about them either.  However, with Trump’s win last week, we think this Texas based association[…]